About Dyfi Herbs

The Dyfi Valley, in Mid Wales, lies close to the sea and in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains and Snowdonia range. We are blessed with clean air and fertile soil, despite the increasing problems that climate change brings to farmers and gardeners.

A combination of failed spinal surgery and the diagnosis of a chronic, life changing illness led to a midlife change of direction. Decades of desk work had taken their toll, and it was gardening that would help fix both the body and the spirit.

So, our decent sized rented garden became the focus of gentle and insistent gardening, producing salad, fruit, herbs and vegetables – more than we could eat. The old recipe books were referred to and the experiments began.

Our kitchen had always had the look of a bizarre chemistry lab – jars of kombucha gently fizzing on the windowsill, next to water kefir grains. Bunches of herbs drying above the cooker, a lingering smell of vinegar and jars of jam, pickles and chutneys lining the pantry shelves.

After so much practise, and a fair few disasters, the preserves now speak for themselves. Earthy kimchi, heavenly jams and chutneys, fresh and dried herbs and the occasional pickle too.

So, if you want a taste of the good life check out the Fresh and Local stall on Machynlleth’s weekly Wednesday market, or visit Ynyshir Hall‘s new pop up shop each Saturday.

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